How To Find Wi-Fi Passwords In Windows 7/8/10/11 Easy Steps

How To Find Wi-Fi Passwords In Windows | Find Wi-Fi Passwords In Windows | How to find your Wi-Fi password In Windows 11 | View Wi-Fi password in Control Panel | How To Find Wi-Fi Passwords In Windows 11

Many users often forget their Wi-Fi passwords and get confused. This article will show you how to recover Wi-Fi password in Windows 11.When a user sets a Wi-Fi password and uses that password to connect a device such as a computer, mobile phone, or tablet to Wi-Fi, the device can automatically connect to the network without re-entering the password. to be But do you have a friend who wants to connect to your Wi-Fi but can’t remember the password? Windows 11 has a solution for this problem.

How To Find Wi-Fi Passwords In Windows 11

How to find your Wi-Fi password In Windows

Method 1: View Wi-Fi password in Control Panel

For this method to work, you must be logged into the Wi-Fi account whose password you want to reset. This is useful for the guest scenario above – you’re always connected to your Wi-Fi network, so you forget the password you shared with the guest.

  • Press Win + R to open the Run box, type control and click OK to open the Control Panel.
  • Click on Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center.
  • How To Find Wi-Fi Passwords In Windows 7/8/10/11
  • Wi-Fi password
  • In the View your active networks, click your Wi-Fi network profile.
  • The Wi-Fi Status dialog box, click on Wireless Properties.
Find Your Wi-Fi Passwords
  • Click on Security tab in the Properties.
  • Then tick on the Show characters option to view the Wi-Fi password. You can copy the password to your clipboard and save it for later use.
Find Wi-Fi Passwords In Windows

Method 2: View the Wi-Fi password from Settings

Alternatively, you can access the Wi-Fi properties page from the Settings panel of Windows 11. Here are the steps:

  • Press Win + I to open Settings, then go to Network & Internet > WiFi.
  • Then scroll down and click Change adapter options under Related settings.
How To Find Wi-Fi Passwords In Windows
  • On the Network Connections page, right-click your Wi-Fi network and select Status.
  • In the Wi-Fi Status dialog box, click Wireless Properties and open the Security tab to view the password.

Method 3: Find the Wi-Fi password using Command Prompt

The Control Panel method is useful if you want to enter the Wi-Fi password for the currently connected network. However, if you want to see the password of a specific Wi-Fi network profile stored on your computer, you can find it using the command line.

  • Type Command Prompt in the search box and select Run as administrator.
  • To find all Wi-Fi connections used by Windows, type netsh vlan show profile at the command prompt and press Enter.
  • Note the name of the Wi-Fi connection that requires your password.
  • Enter netsh wlan show profile name=WifiConnectionName key=clear command line. (Replace WifiConnectionName with the set name in quotes.) Press Enter to run the command.
  • Note down the value next to Key Content. This is the your Wi-Fi network’s password.

The Results

In this article, we have shared three ways to find your Wi-Fi password in Windows 11, you are not the only person who forgot Wi-Fi password and you can forget Wi-Fi password again, so try the above method.

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Find Wi-Fi Passwords In Windows FAQ

How to find and share your Wi-Fi password on Android

Open Settings on your device, then go to the Network & Internet > Wi-Fi.
Scroll Current Network to Saved Network, then tap the network you want to share.
Click on the Share button and you will see a QR code that you can use to share the password.

Can you see saved WiFi passwords in Windows 10?

Click Network Connections and Right click on the WiFi adapter and click on select Status. Then select wireless properties and click on the Security tab. In the Network Security Key option, check the Show icons radio box and your WiFi password will be displayed.

How to find my WiFi password Windows 10 2022?

You can quickly retrieve your Wi-Fi password from the computer by following the steps you see below: Open Powershell, type “netsh WLAN user profile” name = “Wi-Fi key = express” and press Enter in the list details. will appear will; key content, the password will appear in the header


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