5 Stretching Exercises To Relieve Back Pain

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Stretching Exercises To Relieve Back Pain

Stretching exercises for back pain relief help us overcome the stresses of everyday life on our bodies, especially our backs. Some jobs require us to stand or sit for long periods of time. This bad posture and constant pressure on the spine can cause short-term pain as well as long-term problems. Posture correction and stretching exercises to relieve back pain can help.

Stretching Exercises To Relieve Back Pain

Another problem people face is compensating for lack of exercise during the week by engaging in vigorous physical activity on weekends. Exercise is highly recommended and beneficial, but it can also cause problems if your body is not ready for the effort. This can leave your body, especially your back, vulnerable to injury. You can prevent this by doing some exercise during the week, as can stretching to relieve back pain.

Five stretching exercises 15- to 20-minute stretches a day for back pain relief will help your body recover from the stress it puts on you Monday through Friday. These stretching exercises for back pain relief require elastic exercise bands available at most department stores.

Low Back Stretch:

This is accomplished by sitting upright on the floor with your feet together and straight. Wrap the exercise band around your leg and hold the ends with your hands. “Climb” the band onto your leg by pulling one hand in front of the other. Do this until you feel a stretch from your calves to your spine to your lower back. This he holds for 8-10 seconds while breathing normally. do this 3 times.

Groin Stretch:

Lay on your back and spread your legs almost apart. Bend your left leg until your foot is flat on the floor. Wrap the elastic around your right leg and gently pull it with your arms. Hold this for another 8-10 seconds, then repeat 3 times.Then switch legs and do it again.

Glutes and External Rotator Stretch:

Lie with your back to the floor, wrap an elastic around one toe and straighten your leg while holding the band. Once straightened, twist your hips until your leg touches the floor, keeping your back as flat as possible. . Hold this for 8-10 seconds and repeat 3 times before switching legs.

Hamstring Stretch:

Assuming the same position as the external rotator stretch, keep your hips straight instead of rotating them, straighten your legs, and slowly pull them back toward your head. is somewhat mitigated.

Quad Stretch:

Lie on your stomach, pull your leg toward your head, and wrap the elastic around your toe. When you feel that your front thigh is fully extended, hold for 8 seconds, then repeat two more times and do the same with the other leg.

These exercises not only strengthen your body and improve flexibility, but they are also stretches that help relieve back pain.

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