10 Simple Best Yoga poses for Beginners To Do At Home

Best Easy yoga poses for beginners | Yoga Exercises for Beginners | Yoga poses for Beginners to do at Home | Simple Yoga poses for Beginners | Different types of yoga asanas |

Are you planning to start doing yoga? Here are the best easy yoga poses for beginners to help you start your yoga routine. Before You Come Here What You Need to Know About Yoga.

Yoga poses for Beginners

“Yoga is the journey of the self through the self to the self.” It is believed that there is. The physical and mental traits we suppress are just the foundation for shaping us into our highest version. Yoga is the most natural form of ‘enlightenment’ that connects us to the Divine within.

Yoga poses for Beginners

When you connect to your cultural roots and understand yourself through awareness of your surroundings, you reach the highest level of siddhanta. According to Indian philosophy, Siddhanta indicates the point of becoming aware of the truth and accepting all that surrounds us.

Just like yoga poses for beginners, there are poses that are easy to do at home. Find out now!

Yoga is not just yoga exercises. If we talk only about physical activity, then we are talking about asanas. This means a specific yoga position. something beyond that. Together with asana, other variations called pranayama and Dhyana, which are breathing exercises and meditations respectively, make up the complete word ‘yoga’. Balancing all three allows you to experience the essence of yoga.

Is yoga based on religion?

If you think yoga is a religion, you are very wrong. It is true that it is backed up by scientific theories and facts. since the time of the Vedas
Therefore, it is a way of life and its practice requires the presence of body, mind and spirit. It was the most natural way to stay healthy, fit and at peace.

It’s sure to leave you feeling healthy and positive. Yoga is known to heal many complex problems and ailments such as asthma, thyroid and even a problem most common in women called PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). , offers a calm and balanced mindset to help you choose what you need.

Yoga poses for Beginners
Yoga Exercises

The many benefits of yoga support aspects of health and self-prioritization. Some of them are: That’s right.

  1. The best way to relieve stress.
  2. The best way to calm a disturbed mind.
  3. Focus and greater awareness that can also help improve relationships.
  4. To increase intuition and energy Helpful.
  5. All-round fitness programs to help you lose weight and eat mindfully.

If you’re new to yoga and yoga practice and planning to incorporate it into your daily routine, we’ve got 10 powerful guides for you. increase. Yoga Asanas – help you start your yoga journey. These are designed for beginners, have many benefits and can be practiced at any stage of life.

Here are some simple yoga poses and stretches for a healthy lifestyle.

Trikonasana (Also called the triangle pose):

best easy yoga poses for beginners

In Trikonasana the body is in the shape of a triangle, also called the extended triangle. This yoga pose has many benefits for the neck and back muscles. It is also good for weight loss as it improves the digestive system.


Utkatasana (also called Chair Pose):

Sitting in a chair is one of the easiest exercises. Can you balance as if you were sitting in a chair without a chair? Well, this attitude encourages you to do so. Utkatasana is one of the most intense poses.
It sounds complicated, but it can be done in the simplest way. This pose is all about balance, focus and breathing patterns. Doing this yoga pose correctly has several benefits, especially for your arms, legs, and hips. However, it is not mandatory for people with knee problems.

Bhujangasana (also called Cobra Pose):

Yoga Exercises for Beginners

Bhujangasana is a combination of two Sanskrit words Bhujanga Cobra and Asana Pose. This is a traditional part of Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar. This strengthens the shoulders and overall back, and also tones the abdomen. This the best and easy yoga poses for the beginners.

His one of the best yoga exercises. It also improves blood circulation which is an overall benefit to the whole body if you are facing a condition that is causing back pain. It is highly recommended to consult a doctor before practicing the same.

Adho Mukha Svanasana (also called as a Downward Facing Dog):

This is one of the easiest asanas for beginners to practice. I also recommend incorporating this asana into your daily yoga routine. This pose mimics a downward facing dog, hence the name.

Vriksasana (also known as Tree Pose):

This pose gracefully reproduces the pose of a tree. This is one of the perfect yoga poses for beginners. It helps circulate leg strength and balance, helping you feel focused and grounded.

Stretching helps restore vitality. It includes many mental and physical benefits, such as toning the entire leg muscles, while boosting confidence and self-esteem.

Veerasana (also known as Warrior Pose):

This pose is the best remedy for distracted and uncontrolled thoughts. It is known to increase focus and keep you physically and mentally in your highest realm of consciousness. I highly recommend this asana!

Kapala Bhatti (Skull Shining):

This technique is one of the traditional methods of passively inhaling and actively exhaling through the abdomen. This increases blood flow in the lower abdomen. Doing so will bring many mental and spiritual benefits. This creates heat in the body.



In addition to postures, breathing exercises also play an important role and are recommended to be practiced at least twice a day. These are done to clear blocked chakras and nadis and thereby boost your energy levels.There are many variations of this. Below are two of the best pranayamas you can practice to keep your energy up.

Balasana (Child’s Pose):

different types of yoga asanas

Like other asanas, Balasana is one of the essential exercises once you start practicing. A simple and very beneficial asana.

Balasana is a more resting pose. Do it after a strenuous workout or a busy day and it will take all the stress away. It is also a great asana for digestive problems.

Dhanurasana Yoga (Loop Pose):

Simple Yoga poses for Beginners

Dhanurasana is known to be a great asana for toning the muscles of the legs and arms and taking in a lot of energy. This pose helps develop a spirit that is conducive to health and spirit.

Doing this with joy will help keep your mind at peace.

Sadanta is the best practice to release the heat circulating in your body. By opening your mouth and breathing through the dental barrier, you can keep your gums and teeth healthy. Not only that, it also lowers the temperature and helps you stay cool.

Practicing the above pranayama sequence is known to be the best practice for controlling breathing by balancing the heating and cooling of the body.

Yoga is not a substitute for medicine, but a consistent yoga practice can help develop the mind and body in a healthy way. You can increase your immunity and prevent pandemics such as corona to some extent.

Unlike yoga, people with medical conditions should always consult a doctor before adapting to a particular regimen.

Start your yoga journey today by performing the yoga poses for beginners above.

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