Gaami Movie Review 2024: A collection by Vishwak Sen, Chandini Chaudhary explores the triumph of the human spirit

Gaami Movie Review: Vidyadhar Kagita’s crowdfunded film took years to make, but this film starring Vishwak Sen was worth the wait.

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Gaami Movie Review 2024

Gaami Movie Review: Vidyadhar Kagita’s epic adventure drama Gaami starring Vishwak Sen, Chandni Chaudhary, Abhinay, Harika Petha and Mohammed Samad (from Tumpat) has been in development for many years. A collection of three stories explores the triumph of the human spirit, no matter how much it tries to crush it. Although this crowd-funded film, later produced by Karthik Sabarish, had its faults, it was a brave attempt.

Gaami Movie Review

Gaami’s story

Shankar (Vishwak) is an isolated agora with a mysterious past. His body twitches and turns blue when he experiences human touch, leading those around him to believe that Shiva has cursed him. When he is forced to leave Haridwar for a miraculous cure in the Himalayas, Dr. Jahnavi (Shandini) joins him and helps him cross the mountains. You have your reasons for embarking on this insidious path. Elsewhere in South India, a Devadasi named Durga (Abhinaya) returns to her daughter Uma (Harika) after many years, but soon her freedom is threatened. CT-333 (Samad) attempts a Shawshank Redemption-style escape from a dystopian human experimentation facility on the Indochina border.

Step Gaami Movie Review

Vidyadhar dreams big for a budding filmmaker and definitely pushes the boundaries of what Telugu cinema has dared to explore so far. A film’s budget and direction may not always be as expected, but the idea is there and the heart is there. Gaami starts beautifully, Vidyadhar takes you into the world of Shankar, Durga, Uma and CT-333. Naresh Kumaran’s music emphasizes the emotions of the characters without overwhelming the visuals.

But when the director takes a step and takes the freedom of the film, the audience moves away from that world and the film gets stuck there. I get distracted at least two or three times. This is not only due to the poor visual effects, but also because the characters do not have the fate that happens in other worlds.

Topics Considered

Without giving too much away, it can be said that Gaami covers several themes that are important to the story. Apart from the story of CT-333, Shankar, Durga and Uma are featured in three titles and one wonders how they will pull it off. Vidyaher deals with scientific and religious topics without preaching. He shows that under the right circumstances, both can oppress humanity. How can both be equally damaging to a person’s psyche?

The theme of Lord Shiva being Ardha Narishwar also has a nice touch later in the story and the gender binary of the characters is explained without much fuss. But most of all, “Hot” is about surviving not just an unforgiving nature, but also the pain you carry within. that loneliness is the greatest curse.

What is disappointment?

Gaami builds up a lot in these three stories, but it doesn’t last long enough to give them all a proper reckoning. In Shankar’s stories we find that certain characters had to die or at least be seriously injured. And yet, in true Tollywood style, they come alive. Vidyadhar also spends enough time showing big revelations about Shankar’s past, but doesn’t properly delve into the final leg of the dangerous journey that viewers have been waiting for. At a certain point, the story of Uma and CT-333 begins to overwhelm Shankar and Jahnavi. The length and pacing of the film may be off-putting to some, but it seems necessary to the story.

In the end

Under the right circumstances, Gaami can become something more. While the main story has potential, unfortunately the stories of some of the characters in the film make other fights seem trivial. Shankar is also a character who is difficult to identify with. You can empathize with him, but you can’t fully understand his situation. Jahnavi’s role should have been written better. But Vidyadhar dares to dream and the result is Gaami. The heart of the film is in the right place. The hope is that a new generation of filmmakers will dare to experiment.

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