Be Internet Awesome Program – What is it? (2023)


Be Internet Awesome Program : In today’s digital age, the internet has become an integral part of our lives, providing significant opportunities for learning and communication. For children, the internet is a gateway to explore new worlds, access educational resources, and connect with friends and family. However, it also exposes them to potential risks and challenges, making online safety a significant concern for parents and educators alike.

Be Internet Awesome Program

Understanding the Importance of Online Safety for Kids

As children spend greater time online, it’s far more important to equip them with the necessary abilities to navigate the digital landscape effectively. Internet safety encompasses protecting private information, identifying and averting online threats, and practicing suitable virtual citizenship. By instilling these principles from an early age, we can make certain that kids can with a bit of luck discover the digital international at the same time as staying steady.

Be Internet Awesome Program – What is it?

Be Internet Awesome is a revolutionary and comprehensive software evolved via Google to sell online safety and virtual citizenship among youngsters. It offers a hard and fast of gear and resources designed to empower kids with the understanding and skills to make accountable choices in their online interactions.

What does this system provide?

Be Internet Awesome presents a multifaceted method to online safety, specializing in 5 central areas:

1. Smart Share: Educates children about the importance of sharing thoughtfully, information on what statistics is appropriate to percentage online, and thinking about the capacity outcomes.

2. Strong Passwords: Teaches kids the importance of strong passwords and the position they play in safeguarding personal facts from unauthorized get right of entry.

3. Secure Online Practices: Guides children on figuring out and averting potential on-onlinereats, along with scams, phishing tries, and harmful websites.

4. Identifying Fake Content: Equips kids with important wondering skills to recognize misinformation and disinformation online.

5. Respectful Communication: Addresses cyber bullying, emphasizing the importance of treating others with recognition and empathy in virtual interactions.

Key Capabilities of Being Internet Awesome

Interactive Games: Be Internet Awesome functions as a chain of enticing and interactive video games that make getting to know approximately online protection enjoyable for kids.

Resources for Educators: The application gives precious assets to educators, allowing them to integrate digital safety training into the schoolroom curriculum.

Family Guide: Be Internet Awesome presents a circle of relatives guide that assists mother and father in fostering a secure online environment at domestic.

How to Be Internet Awesome Builds Confidence in Kids Online

How to Be Internet Awesome Builds Confidence in Kids Online
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Empowering Kids to Make Smart Decisions

Be Internet Awesome empowers children with the aid of presenting them with the know-how and equipment to make knowledgeable selections within the virtual realm. With knowledge of the potential dangers and benefits of online sports, children can expectantly explore the net while warding off dangerous conditions.

Teaching Digital Citizenship and Responsible Online Behavior

The application emphasizes the significance of digital citizenship, teaching children a way to interact responsibly with others in online communities. By promoting high-quality online conduct, children can contribute to developing a safer net for all of us.

Cyberbullying Prevention and Response

Be Internet Awesome addresses the issue of cyberbullying, instructing youngsters on the way to become aware of and respond to such conduct. By fostering a culture of admiration and empathy, this system objectives to reduce times of cyberbullying and sell a supportive online environment.

Engaging Games and Activities in Be Internet Awesome

Interland: The Adventure to Become an Internet Hero

Interland is an exciting game within the Be Internet Awesome software that takes youngsters on a journey through distinct lands representing numerous factors of online protection. By finishing demanding situations, children study privacy, security, and responsible online behavior.

Mindful Mountain: The Challenge to Share Thoughtfully

Mindful Mountain encourages children to think significantly approximately the facts they proportion online. By making mindful choices, youngsters broaden their understanding of the impact their phrases and actions may have on others.

Kind Kingdom: The Quest to Combat Cyberbullying

Kind Kingdom empowers youngsters to stand up in opposition to cyberbullying by using spreading positivity and kindness. Through this recreation, youngsters learn the importance of treating others with appreciation and empathy, each online and offline.

Tower of Treasure: The Journey to Secure Passwords

Tower of Treasure teaches youngsters approximately the importance of strong passwords in protecting their online debts and private records. By completing this task, children improve their online security skills.

Reality River: The Exploration of Identifying Fake Content

Reality River immerses kids in the global of incorrect information and disinformation. By navigating through this game, children increase essential thinking abilities to become aware of and combat fake content.

Be Internet Awesome for Parents and Educators

Parent and Educator Resources

Be Internet Awesome offers a wealth of assets for parents and educators to aid youngsters in their online journey. These assets encompass lesson plans, verbal exchange starters, and recommendations for fostering secure virtual surroundings.

Collaborating with Schools and Organizations

The software collaborates with colleges and companies to promote virtual safety and accountable online behavior. By partnering with educators and community leaders, Be Internet Awesome extends its attain and effect.

Success Stories and Impact of Being Internet Awesome

Over the years, Be Internet Awesome has made a considerable impact on the lives of limitless youngsters and families. Through its interactive and engaging technique, the program has correctly instilled important online protection abilities in youngsters, fostering a technology of responsible virtual residents.


As the net keeps playing an increasingly more critical role in our lives, ensuring the safety of our children online becomes paramount. Be Internet Awesome, with its complete approach and engaging games, empowers children to navigate the virtual international with confidence, knowledge, and recognition.


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FAQs About Be Internet Awesome

Is Be Internet Awesome appropriate for all age companies?

Internet Awesome is commonly designed for children elderly 7 to 12 years vintage, however it,s training is precious for individuals of every age.

How can mother and father get concerned about Be Internet Awesome?

Parents can get concerned by exploring their own family manual, engaging in conversations with their kids approximately online protection, and encouraging them to play interactive video games.

Is Be Internet Awesome an unfastened program?

Yes, Be Internet Awesome is completely unfastened, making it on hand to all kids and educators.

Are the Be Internet Awesome video games available on mobile devices?

Yes, video games are available for both desktop and cellular gadgets, permitting youngsters to analyze and play on numerous structures.

Can Internet Awesome be carried out in faculties?

Absolutely! Be Internet Awesome offers sources for educators, making it a high-quality addition to classroom training on digital protection.

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