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How to add new nomination in EPF account

The Employees ’Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has been asking members to add nominated names to their EPF accounts.

If the nominee is not added to a personal EPF account, then the account holder may lose access to many EPFO ​​benefits. On the official EPFO ​​website, account holders can add a nominee’s name and other information online.

EPFO posted on Twitter instructions to change EPF / PF nominations online. According to the tweet, “If an EPF member wants to change an existing EPF / EPS nomination he / she can add new names.

The new EPF / EPS nomination will close the previous nomination.”

If you want to add or change nomination, in the EPF portal make sure you update your profile picture to complete the process.

If you try to update a new appointment without a profile picture, the page will display the message, “Cannot proceed. Please upload your profile picture. (Menu: View -> Profile). ” Once you upload a photo you will be able to enter your new new nomination

EPFO in its latest tweet said, “EPF members can add new names to change existing EPF / EPS appointments. New EPF / EPS nominations will override previous appointments. ”

Follow These Simple Steps to Enter a New Nomination for EPF Online

Step 1: Log in to the UAN EPFO ​​website

Step 2: Click the Manage and e nomination tab

Step 3: Under the family declaration. Select the ‘Yes’ option if you have a family

Step 4: Add the details of the nominee under the Add family details field after selecting the family.

Step 5: Enter nominee Aadhar Number, Birthday, Gender, Member Relationship, Address, bank details (including IFSC Bank Code and nominee account number), and photo of the nominee in the nominee details section.

Step 6: Choose an option to add a row, as long as you want to add one nominee or an option to save family information.

Step 7: Enter the total value (percentage)

If you have one nominee, write one hundred percent there; if you have more than one nominee, split the percentage at your discretion.

Step 8: Details will be successfully saved after clicking Save EPF Nomination.

Step 9: Click E-Sign to generate OTP. Send OTP sent via mobile number connected to Aadhaar.

Why should you include an e-nomination in the EPF

  1. Payment for online application upon death of a member
  2. PF online payment, Pension and Insurance (up to Rs 7 lakh) of eligible nominees
  3. Payment of paperless and speedy claim settlement

E-Nomination in EPF FAQ

Can I add my sister as an EPFO nominee?

An EPF account holder can only appoint a Partner, Children and parents through his or her EPF account. Friends / Sisters / Brothers cannot be nominated for an EPF account.

What is the difference between an EPF appointment and an EPS appointment?

To summarize the differences between EPF and EPS, EPF is a system in which both employer and employee contribute a portion of that employer’s salary. In contrast, only the employer contributes to EPS.

Can I nominate parents for EPS?

Under the EPF program
If the member is male, he can nominate his wife, children, foster parents and the widow of the deceased son and children. If the member is a woman, then she can nominate her husband, the children, foster parents, the husband’s parents, the widow of the deceased son and the children can be nominated.

Is EPF appointment compulsory?

PF balance will be tightened: Recently, the Union government made the e-nomination file compulsory for all Provident Fund account holders. Under this, an employee may make any member of his or her family appointed.

What is file selection in EPF?

EPFO said email appointments are essential for paying PF, pensions and the Employees’ Deposit-Linked Insurance Scheme (EDLI) up to RS 7 lakh to eligible family members. The EPFO ​​also stated that appointments may be renewed at any time but are required after marriage.

Is EPS compulsory?

It is mandatory for such organizations where the number of employees is more than 20. It is compulsory for paid employees to earn Rs. 15000 salary (basic fee + eligibility).

How much EPF pension will a woman get after her husband’s death?

If there is a 2nd option, a spouse cannot be appointed as he or she will receive 80% of the pension and widow’s pension. The nominee will receive the amount only after the death / remarriage of the widow / widower (spouse). This field is only valid if Field 10 is selected / member qualifies for ROC election.


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