What is Qixi Festival and how is it celebrated?

In China and parts of East Asia, August will certainly be remembered in 2022 for the annual Qixi Festival, which is celebrated today Thursday, August 4 in 2022.

Even Google joined in the celebration, with a special line replacing the usual Qixi logo.


What is Qixi Festival?

Qixi Festival is a traditional festival celebrated in China, Taiwan, Singapore and other parts of Asia.

The Qiqiao Festival can also be called "Chinese Valentine's Day" or the Double Seventh Festival.

It celebrates the annual union of Zhinü, the weaving goddess, and Niulang dying-the theme of the traditional Chinese folk tale of the love between the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl.



There are several versions of the story, but basically: Zhinü traveled from heaven to Earth and fell in love with Niulang, with whom she had children

Despite their love, their relationship is forbidden. To keep them away, they were separated by Akmaya road.

How is Qixi Festival celebrated?


According to China Travel, there are several traditions associated with Qixi.

In ancient times, young women would pray, sew, and paint their nails during the Kixi period as part of worshiping the god of prayer, Zhinu.

Traditionally, Qiaoguo, a confection made from butter, flour, sugar and sesame, is eaten. The site says that it is still enjoyed in the Eastern part of China, such as Shanghai and Shandong

Although there are some traditional celebrations for Kixi, for many it is seen as a day of romance.

Some people even collect dew after Kixi, symbolizing our partner's tears in the morning. Drinking is believed to make them smarter.

However, it should be noted that Kixi is not the only romantic day celebrated by the Chinese.

They also celebrate the traditional Valentine's Day on February 14, as well as around the world, the Festival of Lights during the Chinese New Year.