James Webb Space Telescope First Image: NASA

NASA has revealed three more images of the universe taken from its James Webb Space Telescope.

The National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) has revealed three  more images taken from the James Webb Space Telescope along with data of  a distant planet’s atmosphere.

NASA then revealed images of the following targets: Carina Nebula,  WASP-96 b (spectrum data), Southern Ring Nebula and Stephen’s Quintet.

Carina Nebula

Carina is one of the largest and  brightest nebulae in our sky and is home to many massive stars that are  many times the size of the Sun. Nebulae are often referred to as  “stellar nurseries” because these clouds of gas and dust are where stars  are formed.

Southern Ring Nebula

The Southern Ring Nebula is what is referred to as a planetary nebula  because it is a cloud of gas and dust surrounding a dying star. The  Eight-Burst nebula is 2,000 light-years away from our planet and has a  diameter of nearly half a light-year.

Stephan's Quintet

It is about 40 million light-years away  from the earth while the other four are about 290 million light-years  away. But even that distance is fairly close in cosmic terms.

james webb space telescope

The James Space Telescope is the world's most powerful telescope built by NASA, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency. It has a golden mirror, whose width is about 21.32 feet.

This mirror is made by joining 18 hexagon pieces made of beryllium. Each piece is plated with 48.2 grams of gold, so that it acts as a reflector.

This space telescope is primarily designed for conducting infrared astronomy. It is the most powerful telescope ever built in space, its superior infrared resolution and sensitivity will enable it to see very old and very distant objects much fainter than the Hubble Space Telescope

It will help in the observation of the oldest stars and the formation of the first galaxies, and in the description of detailed atmospheric characteristics of potentially habitable exoplanets.